Focus on 

Behavioral Change

An engaging & easy to use experience is critical to success. We understand that successful adoption starts from onboarding to the first "aha moment" through ongoing engagement and align all of our tools and features to deliver measurable value to users. 

More than

(more) Data

The NudgeLabs app experience features easy to understand reporting, insights, and actions to help achieve wellbeing goals.  

  • Awareness

  • Insight

  • Action

How am I doing?

Your wellbeing data: sleep, activity, stress and recovery. 

1. Awareness

How am I doing?

Your well-being data: sleep, activity, stress and recovery.

2. INsight

When was my wellbeing most impacted?

Insights illustrating the areas and times that had the most direct impact to wellbeing.

3. Action

What can I do?

Explore specific programs and activities to address the behavioral areas you need most help addressing.

Wouldn't it be really exciting and helpful if...

  • You knew actual wellbeing state before stress symptoms start?
  • You had a personal coach to help establish behaviors that led to better wellbeing?
  • We could link your wellbeing to behaviors and situations?
NudgeLabs makes this possible!

Take the first step to better health and wellness.

Together, we can make wellbeing easy

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