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What brought me to focus on my wellbeing?

At my core, I am a disruptor. It's fundamentally a part of me. 

Through my professional career, I have always looked for opportunities to be bold and set high goals. This brought me to the ambitious goal to help one billion patients through better healthcare using AI technology to improve healthcare journeys.

I founded Doctrin and quickly set about this mission. As I had done earlier in my career at McKinsey, I threw myself into the work. The company was growing rapidly, we were on the path to our mission but then something started to change. 

Tasks that came to me naturally started taking a lot more time with lower quality results. That was just one of the flashing signals that something wasn't quite right. And for context, I was surrounded by doctors and others in the healthcare field all day long.

For a while, I was able to dismiss what my body was telling me until it just become too obvious to others around me. They essentially sent me home and told me to take a break. 

That break lead to me stepping down as CEO and taking time to learn how to take care of myself in a better way.

 I have realized that the saying 'What does not kill you, makes you stronger' is not true. This is only true if you add '… if you learn from it'. I think I did.

Magnus Liungman

(NudgeLabs CEO + User!)

My primary  lesson: being a disruptor in healthcare should not be disruptive to my own health and wellbeing! 

During my time away from the daily CEO grind, I started to really explore my purpose. My situation is not unique and it was clear to me that there has to be a way to more proactively address an individual's wellbeing and overall health. Too many people rely on healthcare when it's too late and ignore the signals the body is constantly giving.

This led me to the creation of NudgeLabs.

Learning from my previous experiences as a solo founder and CEO, I sought and assembled a team to help start the journey as co-founders. As part of this process, we did a series of value exercises to ensure a shared passion for mental health and making a real impact. This shared set of values and purpose with the team ensures not just a focus on delivering our mission of proactive wellbeing for employers and their employees, but makes sure that we are also taking care of each other along the way.

Being a new father really puts it all into perspective and gives me the right context to make sure that I take care of myself so that I can take care of others around me.

Join me on the journey to wellbeing!

Regards, Magnus (CEO of NudgeLabs)

Together, we can make wellbeing easy

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