Scientifically Designed to Achieve Success

By combining tech-enabled coaching with biometric data we help employees, leaders, and organizations turn insights into actions to improve employee wellbeing and performance.

Comprehensive and Personal

Together with your coach, you review all aspects of your work and personal life and align on what matters most. You set goals, build an action plan, design experiments, and track your progress.

Privacy & Security are paramount

After opting into the solution, you have control of your data. Only you and your coach can access your wellbeing data. You can opt-out and remove your data anytime.  

Your performance 
and resilience

Each person's path to wellbeing is unique. By combining your bio-data with your own priorities, your coach helps you set the right focus and ambition level. Your coach and our technology provide the tailored support needed to build and sustain positive lifestyle changes.

  • Become aware of key lifestyle and behavior challenges
  • Prioritize achievable habit improvements
  • Access results-oriented coaching to sustain positive lifestyle change

Tailored to 
your organization

Via actionable insights and coaching, we empower leaders and teams to create a sustainable workplace that acts as a catalyst to improve wellbeing and performance. 

  • Measure and manage employee wellbeing using a rich and relevant fact base
  • Provide leaders with feedback and counseling to ‘walk the talk’ on wellbeing
  • Get tailored recommendations to improve wellbeing at organizational level

How it works, a real-life example:

Paul struggled with sleep his entire life.

After 2 days with our programs, he slept like a baby.

Creating real impact

"Amazing! I never thought that a 5 min exercise could have such a large and immediate impact."

"This changed my life! I have been fighting poor sleep for a decade!"

Omar Elsayed | CEO & Board Member

"We started with NudgeLabs to send a strong signal to employees that we value their wellbeing. It's clear to our organization that investing in proactive wellness measures is a competitive advantage to attract and retain top talent."

Astyanax Kanakakis | CEO & Co-Founder

Together, we can make wellbeing easy

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