Sustaining high performance is more important than ever

Employees with high wellbeing and engagement are 7x more likely to be high performers. High performance matters even more in today’s increasingly complex work environments. As an example, McKinsey has found that top performers have at least an 8x higher productivity than average performers. This is why we offer your employees a bio-data powered personal coach to sustain healthier habits and improve resilience.

Real Business


Increase and Sustain Performance

Productivity and innovation thrive in flow, not in stress

Attract Top Talent

Differentiate your employer value proposition

Improve Retention

Protect your people from stress and burnout

New Approaches to Employee Wellbeing

Old world

Reactive and subjective, with few tools

  • Effective prevention is practically non-existent
  • Detection is inherently difficult and surveys are biased
  • Therapy is way too late

New world

Proactive live coaching based on bio-data 

  • Personalized advice and insights build awareness
  • Proven methods backed by science and psychology
  •  Find the small steps to sustain your healthier habits

Burnout is a real threat


of U.S. workers are experiencing burnout at work

Easy to Rollout and Onboard

We understand that getting employees engaged needs to be simple and low hassle.  The process is super easy for employers and employees supported by our world-class Customer Success team.


Easy for Employers

Interested participants register

We host live intro-onboarding sessions


Easy for Employees

Order your device and wear it when it arrives

Complete wellbeing survey & book your coach


We make it possible!

Your coach keeps you motivated and on track

Progress you can see and results you can feel

Together, we can make high performance sustainable

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