Healthy Employees are a Business Advantage

The most successful companies invest proactively in employees to improve wellbeing and performance. By using our solution, your employees get a world-class coach that provides personalized recommendations based on their own true-data.

Real Business


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Recruit Top-Talent

Employees value wellbeing both in current and new jobs

Retain Best Performers

High-performers who are most prone to stress, will prosper

Drive Innovation

Creativity and innovation flourish in flow, not in stress

Promote Productivity

Proactively drive healthy engagement in hybrid and remote work environments

New Approaches to Employee Wellbeing

Old world

Reactive and subjective, with few tools

  • Effective prevention solutions are practically non-existent
  • Detection is inherently difficult and surveys are biased
  • Therapy is way too late

New world

Proactive empowerment based on biometric data 

  • Personalized advice and insights build awareness
  • Proven methods backed by science and psychology
  • Prescriptive steps to sustain healthier habits

Burnout is a real threat


of U.S. workers are experiencing burnout at work

Easy to Rollout and Onboard

We understand that getting employees engaged needs to be simple and low hassle.  The process is easy for employers and employees supported by our world-class customer success team.


Easy for Employers

  • You share participants emails
  • We send pre-formatted intro
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    Easy for Employees

  • Order your device
  • Wear it when it comes
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    We take care of the rest!

  • Progress you can see
  • Results you can feel
  • Together, we can make wellbeing easy

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