by Shane CorreaApril 20, 2022

Scale-ups. Your hair’s on fire, but at least you can stick your head out of the window! A wild ride that keeps many of us coming back for more. The scale-ups I have helped build have been the most rewarding and challenging experiences in my life. One thing they all have in common is the

by Kerstin JedingMarch 21, 2022

Does the war in Ukraine affect you? Simply reacting is the normal reaction to difficult events, changes and news. Anxiety, stress, and outrage are common reactions and it is not only those who are directly exposed to war who are affected. Even when you are not exposed to physical danger and instead receive news of

by Kerstin JedingMarch 1, 2022

A lot of people living in the north feel good about spring, but an estimated 15% of us experience the opposite: spring fatigue. In this article we will explain spring fatigue. Why it happens and how you can prevent it.What is spring fatigue?A lot of people living in the north feel good about spring, but

by Kerstin JedingMarch 1, 2022

During the winter and beginning of spring, it may have felt like you were spending every hour with daylight indoors – at work. If you were lucky, you may have been able to get out and get that recommended half an hour of daylight during lunch. Otherwise, it is often mainly during the weekend that

by Kerstin JedingFebruary 21, 2022

The science is clear. Working age adults should sleep at least seven hours every night to protect their health. Did you get at least seven hours of sleep last night? It is estimated that one-fifth to one-third of adults had less than seven hours of sleep last night. But did you know, for example, that

by NudgeLabs Content TeamFebruary 18, 2022

Your body is sending signals… are you listening? Did you know that wearables can measure your stress and recovery as well as your activity and sleep? In this webinar we explain how to measure wellbeing in order to build awareness, before you can start implement and sustain new habits.  If you are looking for an easy

by Kerstin JedingJanuary 24, 2022

We all want to be productive all the time and with as low effort as possible. In the last article, we talked about how a structure for sleep, mealtimes, and work start and finish times set the scene for being productive without feeling stressed. Today, let’s dive into tips on what to do during your

by Kerstin JedingJanuary 24, 2022

It’s the start of a new year and many of us are aiming high. All of us have at some point said: “This year I want to be more productive, more structured, and feel less stress at the same time.“ We love the feeling of having a blank slate where everything seems possible. As a

by Kerstin JedingDecember 2, 2021

Nobody wants to be stressed, and we would all like to prevent stress in the workplace. But to do so, we must be able to measure stress in some way. So, how do we do it?Methods of measuring stressFirst and foremost, it’s important to define the meaning of “stress” because, let’s face it, it’s a