For Us...
It's Personal

NudgeLabs was born out of necessity. Out of the realization that feeling invincible isn’t the same as being invincible. Out of the hard earned lesson that we can only be as high-performing as our bodies allow us to be. 

NudgeLabs was born out of personal experience. Of facing the limitations caused by stress, poor sleep and dealing with one infection after the other. And the insight that we can only be as passionate as our bodies allow us to be. 

We all want to be at the peak of our performance, and we all want to feel passionate about the work that we do everyday. But unless we really understand and work with our bodies, instead of against them, we are doomed to fail in the long run. 

That’s how NudgeLabs came into being. To help people like you enjoy work and perform at your best – in a way that is sustainable. Because we know that if you don’t, you will look for opportunities elsewhere. 

Our Vision

We believe individuals and organizations should aspire to make wellbeing their natural state.

Our Mission

Our aim is to empower individuals and organizations to make wellbeing goals achievable.

Driven by 


Magnus Liungman

Chief Executive Officer

MSc Stockholm School of Economics. 13 years experience from healthcare. Founder and CEO of Doctrin, present in 4 countries with 1.5 million visits annually.

Javier Ubillos

Chief Technology Officer

MSc in Computer Science. 15 years of experience as CTO and development. Product Owner at Spotify (during high growth from 100 to 1500 engineers). VP of engineering at Magine. CTO Looklet. Researcher at Swedish Institute of Computer Science

Max van Eijk

Chief Commercial Officer

 11 years CEO/COO/Business Area Director with Nordic private healthcare groups Avonova, GHP and Capio. 10 years McKinsey and BCG in London and Stockholm.

Moa Stenudd

Head of Data

PhD in Neurobiology from Karolinska Institutet. 10+ years of experience in advanced analytics and health data science in academia and start-ups. 

Together, we can make wellbeing easy

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