Made Easy

We want wellbeing to be the natural state in a high-stress and high-performance world creating healthier employees driving measurable benefits to business.

For Employers

Recruit & retain top talent, drive

innovation & creativity. 

Demonstrate to employees that their wellbeing is an important aspect of the company DNA.

For Individuals

Uncover actionable insights, make

behavioral adjustments.

Use our private and secure platform to improve approaches for sleep, rest, activities, and overall stress.

It's Magic...

Not Really

NudgeLabs uses scientifically proven methods to suggest small customized steps based on individual data to change habits. This creates measurable impact in 4 critical wellbeing areas:





Creating real impact

"Amazing! I never thought that a 5 min exercise could have such a large and immediate impact."

"This changed my life! I have been fighting poor sleep for a decade!"

Omar Elsayed | CEO & Board Member

"We started with NudgeLabs to send a strong signal to employees that we value their wellbeing. It's clear to our organization that investing in proactive wellness measures is a competitive advantage to attract and retain top talent."

Astyanax Kanakakis | CEO & Co-Founder

We Are

Our team is expert in psychology, healthcare, and technology with a laser-focus on developing customer focused experiences.

"With an Oxford Ph.D. and over 25 years studying and practicing psychology, I have seen the impact of suggesting the right thing to do at the right time, for each individual. By doing that, psychological science can improve well-being and performance. Instead of only helping a handful of people from my therapy room, I am inspired at the chance to offer my guidance to everyone... everyday."

DR. KERSTIN JEDING | Chief Science Officer

Together, we can make wellbeing easy

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