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Show your employees you care

Integrating wellbeing in the workplace

makes you more competitive

Top-talent in your pipeline

Employees value wellbeing both in current and new jobs

High-performers stay

High-performers who are most prone to stress, will prosper

New level of performance and innovation

Creativity and innovation flourish in flow, not in stress

Healthy employees

Proactively mitigate risk and promote mental fitness

Employees are a company’s

most valuable asset

The most successful companies know that sustainable growth needs balance and are investing proactively to improve wellbeing and performance. 

By using our solution, your employees get a world-class coach that provides personalized recommendations based on their own true-data. 

We help your teams find balance. We make it easy, and highlight the small changes that make the biggest impact. 

Empower your team to proactively improve their mental health, and increase their performance, at the same time.

All you have to do is send one email. 

If you are looking for a concrete, simple, and cost-effective way to show your employees you care, then let's talk!

Show your employees you care
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Why is it a priority?

Wellbeing in hybrid and remote working

Empower your coworkers with a tool to manage stress and increase wellbeing in an era of digital leadership.

Smarter not harder

Improve the health and performance of individuals and organizations with actionable advice that maximizes wellbeing with minimal effort.

Wellbeing effortlessly

The key to wellbeing is in the magic of simplicity. We are talking about one email onboarding, touchless health tracking by wearables, and clear-cut actionable advice.

Reduce the risk of burn-out

Lets face it, we rarely listen to our body... especially when stressed. Our platform captures and interprets your biometric data. Your True-Data. In other words, it listens to the signals that are commonly missed or even ignored.

So… what is it?

Yes, it’s an AI-powered app, but we are so much more than that! NudgeLabs offers a research-based platform empowering users with an intelligent everyday coach that communicates actionable insight and advice to improve wellbeing. Our platform uses multiple signals like biometrical data from wearables, and other digital inputs like your calendar, to provide the best possible recommendations. 

Please note, the user retains control and chooses which devices to connect to the platform. We know it sounds almost too good to be true… but that is exactly why you should try it yourself!

Why does it work?

Because it’s easy and personalized: our app identifies the simple and individualized steps that deliver results. The small things that make big impacts! 

Because it is based on true-data: We capture the body's signals and combine them with behavioral science to improve wellbeing.

Dr. Kerstin Jeding, Chief Science Officer

"With an Oxford Ph.D. and over 25 years studying and practicing psychology, I have seen the impact of suggesting the right thing to do at the right time, for each individual. By doing that, psychological science can improve well-being and performance. Instead of only helping a handful of people from my therapy room, I am inspired at the chance to offer my guidance to everyone... everyday."

Positive feedback from early adopters

Simulated automation 

This changed my life! I have been fighting poor sleep for a decade!

I was shocked how easy it was to follow and get results

Amazing! I never thought that a 5 min exercise could have such a large and immediate impact

I had never given much thought to how stress was impacting my personal and professional life.


Brutally simple

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  • Team

    We are behind NudgeLabs

    Magnus Liungman

    Chief Executive Officer

    MSc Stockholm School of Economics. 13 years experience from healthcare. Founder and CEO of Doctrin, present in 4 countries with 1.5 million visits annually.

    Javier Ubillos

    Chief Technology Officer

    MSc in Computer Science. 15 years of experience as CTO and development. Product Owner at Spotify (during high growth from 100 to 1500 engineers). VP of engineering at Magine. CTO Looklet. Researcher at Swedish Institute of Computer Science

    Dr. Kerstin Jeding

    Chief Science Officer

    MSc in Psychology from Uppsala University. Doctorate from Oxford University in workplace stress. Author of five books. Researcher at Karolinska Institutet. Head of Clinic, deputy CEO and director of the board at Stressmottagningen

    Shane Correa

    Chief Commercial Officer

    15+ years of experience in B2B SaaS Customer Success and Sales including CCO & VP CS. SLT member taking two B2B SaaS companies through hyper-growth and PE Exits (from 70 to 300 and 25 to 100 employees in 2 years)

    Together, we can make wellbeing easy