An innovative approach to sustainable high-performance

It’s time for a new paradigm in the workplace and it’s called sustainable high-performance. It will keep your top talent committed, engaged and performing at their best – long term. At NudgeLabs we partner with ambitious enterprises to lead the way. Join us!

NudgeLabs is for organizations that:

  • Hire the top talent that everyone is fighting for 
  • Want to move beyond showing that you care to having a real impact
  • Want to make sustainable high-performance a differentiator in your EVP
If we are a match, we guarantee results

We only partner with you if we can have an impact of at least 5x return on your investment. 

Don't just take our word for it though. Across our client portfolio we are cutting employee turnover in half, increasing employee performance with 10%. And we're proud to say that 0% of enrolled employees experience burnout

How much would it be worth to see these numbers in your organization?

With NudgeLabs we have gone from talking about sustainable performance to making it happen”

– Senior Partner, Big-4 Consulting Client

How we make it happen

We give everyone a sustainable performance coach 

Our data-driven and personalized coaching is the key to our success. We use top wearables and generative AI to analyze each individual’s biodata and give actionable insights that make it easy to take the steps towards better well-being and higher performance. And the best part? Our coaching is affordable and accessible for everyone!

We guide organizational decisions with real data

Our aggregated biodata helps you identify patterns and trends that would not be visible through other means, such as self-reported surveys or performance reviews. By creating a new golden standard for employee data, we can measure the real impact of changes and ensure that they are indeed driving sustainable improvements in employee performance, well-being and retention. Essentially, we make sure that the changes you make are effective and beneficial for everyone involved.

The impact you can expect in only 6 month

NudgeLabs users achieve these changes by building cognitive performance and resilience skills

NudgeLabs users report major improvements in lifestyle habits 

We get these results because we are different

The interventions that companies use today are not effective enough. Why? Because they are either too reactive or too informational – they don’t succeed in getting people to proactively create the habits that drastically improve wellbeing and performance. But we do! 

Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable approach to high-performance and more committed employees

Together, we can make high performance sustainable

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