Making high-performance


NudgeLabs partners with professional services and investment organizations to achieve sustainable high-performance and radically reduce employee turnover.

For Employers

We measure sustainable performance at the team level and enable ROI calculation of organizational initiatives.

For Individuals

We combine biometric data from smart devices with personalized coaching to build core performance and resilience skills.

Power of  


NudgeLabs combines bio-data powered personal coaching with scientifically proven methods to build and sustain better work and lifestyle habits. We help you improve:

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Physical activity
  • Relationships
  • Self-control (nicotine, social media, alcohol, etc.)

Creating real impact

"Amazing! I never thought that a 5 min exercise could have such a large and immediate impact."

"This changed my life! I have been fighting poor sleep for a decade!"

Omar Elsayed | CEO & Board Member

"We started with NudgeLabs to send a strong signal to employees that we value their wellbeing. It's clear to our organization that investing in proactive wellness measures is a competitive advantage to attract and retain top talent."

Astyanax Kanakakis | CEO & Co-Founder

Together, we can make high performance sustainable

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